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    Is there any effective way for wire connectors to be particularly easy to burn?


    Is there any effective way for wire connectors to be particularly easy to burn?

    If the wire connector is easily broken, it means that there is actually a problem with this line, either the heat is severe, or the wire is too thin.

    Cause of burnout

    When the normal wire goes out of the connector, it will cause the local wire to heat up, but if your wire diameter is thick enough, no matter how big the connector is, the heat is not enough to make the wire burn, so you must find the cause of the burn.

    1. Load overcurrent

    If you have a clamp-on ammeter at hand, you can measure the current through the wire, and whether the current has exceeded the rated current of the electrical equipment. If the overcurrent is caused by some problems with the load, either the age is long, or the internal structure is partially aging Case.

    Repair as appropriate. If there are really no replacement parts to replace, try to make the wire as thick as possible to solve the problem.

    2. Wire aging

    The aging of the wire is also a large part of the reason for the heating of the wire. If the wire is aging, the insulation degree becomes worse, and the resistance of the wire becomes smaller, then the current passing through becomes larger, and the resistance at the joint is larger, and the same current passes through the wire joint It gets very hot everywhere.

    So no matter what you use to connect this wire, there will be problems, so the simple way is to change a wire for a larger diameter.

    Which methods are reliable for wiring?

    If there is no problem with the load, no over-current and no wire aging, and various problems only occur when the connectors are not handled well, then other methods should be considered for connection.

    1. Use an electric soldering iron

    It is more convenient and safer to use an electric soldering iron for wiring or soldering. The contact surface does not need to be too large. As long as the two wires touch each other, you can use the electric soldering iron to insulate the points. There is no need to use two wires as usual. The wires need to be wound together several times. If conditions permit, try to use this method.

    2. Use terminal blocks

    The second is to use the terminal block. The use of the terminal block is to clamp the two ends into the terminal block. Use a screwdriver to tighten the two-ended screws. It is also a very convenient tool. If you have the conditions, you can buy one, and it is also very easy to handle when insulating. .

    Other methods are not recommended, because the resistance will become larger if the joint is made, and heat will occur.

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